Thursday, October 20, 2011

Volunteer Acceleration Curve

I have been tardy in my blogging due to....2012 annual planning.  I know - not the best excuse, but within the plans emerged an idea for a post.

One of the components I am building into my plans for the coming year is a Volunteer Acceleration Curve.  This is built off of the idea that C. David Gammel presents as an Engagement Acceleration Curve.  Gammel's curve constructs a model where associations can incorporate their activities, products, offerings and involvement opportunities in a single measure that runs from low-value/commitment to high-value commitment.  For associations who are trying to connect the dots of offerings and opportunities and the united value they connote, this is a great strategy to take.

One of the goals for the coming year that I am tackling is to help our chapters with their ongoing problem of not enough volunteers, and volunteer burnout.  For many of our chapters their leadership structure looks like this: